FPS Competition Fees and pricing


 Address:                                                                                                             Contact: Lisa Quintana

   Texas FPSP Inc.                                                                                                 lisa.quintana@txfpsp.org

   9720 Coit Rd. Suite 220, #182                                                                          www.txfpsp.org

   Plano, TX 75025

Registration for all competitions (except artistic expressions): https://fpsonline.org/

artistic expressions registration: https://forms.gle/5EidawaZXA4BFzJY9

Competition registration, submission and evaluation will all be in the FPS Online System.  We are excited to be using this system and will have trainings and videos available to assist with the process.  This system is safe for students and coaches to utilize during the competition process.

Download the full list of fees: CLICK HERE

Annual FPS competition fees are:

Global Issues Problem Solving

Global Issues Team $85 per Team
Global Issues Individual $60 per Individual
Global Issues Novice Team $85 per Team
Global Issues Adult Team $60 per Team
Fee includes:

Registration and Evaluations for the first 3 competitions

(1 submission for PP1, PP2 and Qualifying Problem)

Scenario Writing

Scenario Writing Individual $60 per Individual
Fee includes: Registration and Evaluation for one scenario entry to state competition

Scenario Performance

Scenario Performance Individual $60 per Individual
Fee includes: Registration and Evaluation for one scenario performance

entry to state competition

Community Problem Solving

CmPS Team $85 per Team
CmPS Individual $60 per Individual
Fee includes: Registration and Evaluation for one project entry to state competition

NEW: Artistic Expression

Artistic Expression Individual $30 per Individual – INAUGURAL YEAR PRICE!

Fee includes:

Registration and Evaluation for one 2D or 3D art piece entry to state qualification competition

Registration for State and/or International Conference (both pending qualification) require additional registration and travel costs. Estimates for budgeting are below (pricing not final):

State Bowl: April 12-14, 2024 at the Waco Convention Center

  • Registration Fee: $50 per Individual/ $100 per Team (for each competition a student or team qualifies)
  • Additional fee for additional competition registration (Presentation of Action Plan $40 per team or Alternate $10 per team)
  • State will have room blocks available at hotels that will be available at the end of February.
  • Additional information will be provided to qualifying coaches in the Coach Registration Packet sent out after qualifying results are announced.

International Conference: June 2024                     Location: University of Indiana, Bloomington

  • Registration: $300 per Individual + Boarding ($300-$550 depending upon accommodations chosen)
  • Additional costs include: Airfare, rental vehicle/shuttle service, and tours