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exciting fps competitions to choose from


There are four core competitions for Texas Future Problem Solving.  These four competitions all compete at the State Level and then the top competitors in the state have the opportunity to compete at the International Conference for Future Problem Solving Program International in June.

Students compete within a given “Division” within FPS.  The divisions are determined by grade level and are broken out in the following three divisions:

Junior Division: 4th-6th Grade Students

Middle Division: 7th-9th Grade Students

Senior Division: 10th-12th Grade Students

Future problem solving competition components

Global Issues Problem solving

In Global Issues (GIPS), Students have 2-hours to utilize a six-step problem solving process to identify problems within a given global topic. Topics change for each of the competitions including 2 practice competitions, 1 State qualifying competition and State Bowl competition.

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community problem solving

In CmPS, Students apply their problem solving skills to a real problem in an identified community.  Actual implementation of the action plan is included in this component.

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scenario writing


Scenario writing (SW) encourages students to develop and submit futuristic scenarios–word pictures of the future. Scenario writing is especially intriguing for students who enjoy creative writing and those identified as gifted in creative writing.

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scenario performance

Scenario Performance (SwP) is an oral presentation for individual students to enlarge ideas, enrich personal style, and predict accurate images of the future using storytelling techniques.

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There is also the option to integrate FPS into the curriculum without the competitive element. Educators can use the curriculum from Future Problem Solving and integrate it into the classroom setting to enhance collaboration and critical thinking strategies. Curriculum bundles including activities on given topics for the year are available to purchase. Integration can be done at any grade level K-12.