Scenario performance

Scenario Performance is an oral activity for individual students to enlarge ideas, enrich personal style, and predict accurate images of the future. Students are challenged to create a story that lasts between 4-5 minutes, is set at least 20 years in the future, and arises from any one of the topics set in the FPS year. This story is not written out in full; it is to be “told” and should be more “natural” and “spontaneous” in nature. Performances should be creative and entertaining to an audience. In Texas, videos of the original Scenario Performances are submitted online in late February.  Watch a Texas Scenario Performance by Clicking Here.

competition requirements

To participate in the competitive portion of the program, a scenario performer follows these guidelines:

Each scenario must be:

  • Set at least 20 years in the future with evidence of futuristics.
  • Must relate to one the current year’s topics.
  • Performance must be 4-5 minutes in length
  • Students must stand in one location and not walk around.

Core Skills:

Oral Presentation Skills

Creative Story Writing


Futuristic Thinking