“I recently made some reusable cake toppers.  I found a source to produce them, but it would be more cost effective for me to own all of these technologies to cut down on production time, to make custom & new ideas much easier to attempt. FPS taught me to think through the implications of a solution to find the right one.”



“FPS helps students build skills in creative thinking and persuasive writing.  FPS both liberated and restrained my imagination, helping me to develop what might be called a disciplined creativity.  As an aspiring writer of fiction and poetry, I am deeply indebted to FPS for showing me what fun it can be to write.”


“Stepping back from the various challenges identified and assessing which is the most important is difficult and requires confidence and conviction.  Solving the wrong underlying problem and carelessly proposing a solution without thinking through the possible unintended consequences can be not only unproductive but harmful.”