Community problem solving

Community Problem Solving (CmPS) teams and individuals apply their FPS skills to real problems in an identified community. A community problem is a problem that exists within the school, local community, region, state or nation. Actual implementation of the action plan is included in this component. CmPS students move from hypothetical issues to real world, authentic concerns while applying their creativity and problem solving skills in solving a community challenge.

Texas is one of the largest participating affiliates in the Community Problem Solving component in the international umbrella and is allowed to send two projects in each of the age divisions to the International Competition in June.

The competitive portion of CmPS requires the team or individual to document their efforts as they solve their identified community challenge by creating a six-page paper based on the Future Problem Solving method, a six-page addendum and a scrapbook. The students learn to work together as a team while making a difference in others’ lives. As they develop their solutions to their identified challenge they uncover their own talents and abilities while creating a deep sense of pride and dedication to the world around them.

Core Skills:

Community Awareness

Problem Solving

Organizational Skills

Team Work and Collaboration