global issues problem solving

team or individual competition

what it is:

Global Issues Problem Solving begins with a future scene based on current trends centered on a given topic. Topics vary through out the year for each competition and deal with concepts from the strands of Business & Economics, Social & Political, and Science & Technology. 

On the day of the competition, students in either a team of 4 or as an individual, have 2 hours to analyze a given future scene and employ the six-step FPS model.  Students complete a written or typed booklet, which is later submitted for competitive scoring.

Under the guidance of teacher/coaches, teams of four students in grades 4-12 use the FPSP six-step model to explore challenges and propose action plans to complex societal problems while using creativity and Language Arts learning objectives.

Competition details:

FPS teams complete two practice problems and one qualifying problem throughout the school year at their local campus. Trained evaluators score the students’ work and return it with feedback including suggestions for improvement. The top scoring teams on the qualifying problem are invited to the Texas Affiliate FPS Bowl held each April. The winners of the FPS Bowl advance to the FPSP International Conference in June.

At the State and International Level, and additional competition is available called the Presentation of Action Plan Competition.  Students present their action plan from the Global Issues competition in skit form and have an opportunity to place separately in this competition as well.