TX FPSP: How to Register for All Competitions

These instructions are for anyone registering participants for the 2021-22 FPS competitions (Global Issues, Community, Scenario Writing or Scenario Performance).

All registrations will need to be submitted through FPS ONLINE using the below instructions.  If you are a student or parent registering, a coach account still needs to be created to add students/participants.

How to Register for FPS:


#1 Go to FPS Online Coach Registration Page

Click on the following link to get to the Coach FPS Online Page: https://fpsonline.org/coaches/logon.php

Note: You can also get to the coach login through the “FPS Online” Homepage by clicking on “Coach Login” on the top menu.


#2 Click on “Register”

Click on Register that is underneath the login information.  


 #3 Fill out Contact Information

Fill out Contact Information for the main contact/coach for the participant(s). 

 *** Make sure to select “Texas” from the Affiliate Drop Down box


  • You will create your own login username
  • Add contact information and school information (if you are a student or parent that is participating without the school facilitating the registration, you can still put the school you are at and select the preferred mailing address to be “Home”)

#4 Choose Components for Registration

  • Choose the components and # of individuals or teams for each of the components.
  • Note: For Global Issues, there is an option to choose either Internet or Traditional.
    • Internet mean that they will compete in directly in the system, completing the online booklet.
    • Traditional Team will compete on the written or typed booklet that will be uploaded to FPS Online.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If registering for the NOVICE Division- pick the appropriate level (Junior or Middle Team/Individual) and then put in the comments on the next screen that they are supposed to be NOVICE. You can also email quintana@txfpsp.org to let us know how many are novice teams.
  • Choose the option that your teams are most likely to do but regardless of what you pick, you will be able to use either option during the competition as this can be changed at any time.
  • Scroll down the page to find the other component (scenario writing, performance and community) and to select those registration options.
  • Also note, that if # of teams changes through the year or if a registration needs to be altered (ex. Move from one division to the another), these changes can be made throughout the year, even after registration.
  • When done, click submit at the end of the page

  #5 Finish Registration

On the Finish Registration page:

  • Double Check Coach Information
  • Double Check Registration Components and # of Team/Individuals registered information
  • Select who the invoice will be paid by (District, School, Coach) and add Purchase Order information if available or necessary
  • Add any comments you would like TX FPS to read
  • When done, click “Register”
  • (see next page for screenshots)

#6 Next Steps in Registration

  • After you click “Register”, you will see the below screen.
  • You will be emailed a confirmation of the registration and the submission is sent to the Affiliate Director.
  • Affiliate Director will approve the registration and then you will be emailed “Coach Login” information. Additional training information will be available for setting up FPS Online as a coach (including student access) in the coming week.
  • You will be sent an invoice via Quick Books for your registration with payment information
  • Congratulations! You are registered for Texas FPSP!