The Texas Future Problem Solving Program (TXFPSP) is an affiliate member of the Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI). Texas Future Problem Solving Program’s (TXFPSP) mission is to prepare students to be successful leaders through problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and communication strategies.  Skills are practiced and refined by applying them to multiple topics related to STEM, business, and global issues.  Participants learn authentically while researching and engaging collaboratively to solve problems focused on real world topics presented in futuristic scenario competitions and community projects.  This academic experience is invaluable, creating leaders capable of applying unique skill sets to educational, business, and life opportunities. We like to say, “Texas FPSP teaches students how to think, not what to think.”


Special Message Regarding Chris Funderburgh

Over the thirty-seven year history of the Texas Future Problem Solving Program, many coaches, evaluators, teachers, and administrators have made invaluable contributions to the Texas FPSP program.  None of these was more instrumental than Chris Funderburgh.  Chris served as an Affiliate Director to the Texas FPSP for 25 years, from 1980-2011.  Chris’s creativity, educational insights, and dedication to Future Problem Solving were immeasurable!

Unfortunately, we recently lost this dear friend of the Texas FPSP and everyone who knew her is deeply saddened by this tragic news.   Many have asked how they can honor the memory of Chris Funderburgh.  The Funderburgh family and the Texas Future Problem Solving Program would be extremely honored to accept donations to the Texas FPSP scholarship fund, known as the Funderburgh for the Future Scholarship in her memory.  Fittingly, the scholarship was renamed to honor Chris upon her retirement in 2011.

Donations may be sent to: the Texas FPSP, 2200 Berkeley Avenue #402, Austin TX 78745.

Chris Funderburgh (center) with 2010 State Bowl Champions from

Prestonwood Christian Academy